7 shocking things that could be killing your milk supply

7 shocking things that could be killing your milk supply

Posted by Rochelle Cruikshank on 21st Jan 2020

Don't be like me... You know... one of those Moms who always leaves the research until something goes wrong.

I unwittingly made breastfeeding much harder than it needed to be by not getting educated first. It cause me such a headache and also made me give us breastfeeding. 

Luckily, bub and I managed to work it all out and after that breastfeeding was great. 

Read on to discover the top 10 things killing your breast milk production and how you can fix it!!

Fix breastfeeding problems, and discover the benefits of breastfeeding (without a lactation consultant).

Breastfeeding pain from sore boobs or sore nipples.

I totally understand this one... A lot of Moms experience pain at some point when breastfeeding, especially new Moms in the first few weeks, and if it hurts too much to feed then what happens? Bottle supplements or not feeding as much right?

This will inevitably lead to your milk supply dwindling. 

But the good news?

Pain from breastfeeding can be fixed. Talk to a lactation consultant to find out what is causing the pain and how you can make it better. 

Nursing Mis-education

When I had my first baby I was overconfident. I thought I knew it all and I paid the price for it.

I did everything wrong with breastfeeding and had a lot of pain for many weeks.

It is important to learn exactly how to breastfeed, it takes practice and learning the correct techniques

Feeding baby more from one breast

Another mistake that many moms make is feeding mostly from one side. This make the milk supply in the other side significantly less.

To avoid this you should feed from one side until it is completely empty, then, if baby is still a little hungry give her the other side.

You should continue to feed until the first side is empty so baby get the hind milk.

Not feeding at night

I get it, with a new baby you are dead tired. From the what, 3-4 hours of solid sleep a night? If your lucky to the massive life change that comes with a baby your pretty exhausted. 

But giving your baby a bottle or pacifier at night can hinder your body producing more milk, and could even cause a blocked duct or mastitis.

Not feeding enough early on

When your baby is still very new to the big wide world you will still only have colostrum. At this point you want to be feeding pretty constantly. Not feeding enough can limit or hold back your milk supply from coming in.

Baby falling asleep feeding

Breast milk makes babies sleepy... so understandably they can often fall asleep feeding. 
If your baby hasn't been feeding long and has fallen asleep feeding you should keep her awake and continue to feed. This helps your milk supply and also makes sure your baby is growing are the right rate.

Baby Bottles or Pacifiers

You must not use bottles or pacifiers early on or you could affect how your baby sucks. This could make her totally go off your breasts and your milk supply be affected.

Signs your baby isn't getting enough milk

Even though certain things can limit your milk supply. Long term low milk supply is rare. 

Low milk supply can cause you baby to grow slower than she should and cause other complications.

Here a the common signs that your baby isn't getting enough milk.

1. Not many wet or dirty diapers.

As soon as your milk comes in you should expect 5-6+ wet diapers every 24 hours, and approximately 3-4 dirty diapers every 24 hours.

2. Dehydration

Dehydration is probably the first indicator you will notice if your baby isn't getting enough milk.
Yellow or dark colored urine, a dry mouth, reluctance to feed and lethargy are all symptoms of dehydration.

3. Poor weight gain

In the first few days you can expect your newborn to lose 5-7% and even up to 10% of her birth weight

After your milk comes in your baby should gain around 6 oz (170 g) every week.

If your baby isn't gaining weight correctly you should speak to a doctor and a lactation consultant.

How to fix a low milk supply

A low milk supply can be a headache for you and can cause a range of issues for your baby. Here is how to increase your milk supply.

Start pumping

So you have low milk supply? Well mama, you need to start pumping!
Pumping is the best way to bring out the goods and get that milk flowing. Between feedings pump and store the milk for later. This will stimulate your breasts just like your baby sucking and will boost milk production.

Start eating these foods

Along with pumping... DRINK...sorry only water at this point.

Make sure you are getting enough water so your body can produce that all important life giving milk for your bubba.

Some foods to help with milk production are oatmeal, flax seed, and brewers yeast... weird I know but apparently it helps.

How breast milk supply works

Your breasts work on a supply and demand process. Basically, your baby sucks and removes some milk, so your breasts create more to sustain your baby. If your baby isn't removing much from your breasts then they won't produce any more and your milk supply will start to dry up.