Get your baby to sleep! The Facts

Get your baby to sleep! The Facts

Posted by Rochelle Cruikshank on 11th Feb 2020

Getting your baby to sleep is a war zone. One that all parents have to navigate on a daily (or nightly) basis. 
To win this crazy all our war you need to know what you are up against and arm yourself with the knowledge to get that little bubba of yours to sleep at the same time every night!

How to win in the baby sleep war, baby not sleeping? Do you swaddle? Does she use a comforter or not? Read on

Have a knockout night time routine

In a recent study of over 400 new moms with babies, it was found that babies who followed a well thought out sleep routine went to bed faster and easier, slept better, and cried out a night much less than babies who had no routine.

Its best to start your newborns routine as early as possible so they can learn it (and you get better sleep also!)

Here are some super easy routine cards to make a knockout sleep routine for your baby.

What are the baby sleep signs?

AS your baby is getting tired she will be giving off signs to let you know. If you can recognize these signs then you can start your night time routine. It's best to start when you baby is just getting tired. You don't want to leave it too late and let your baby get overtired... that is a whole new level of warfare.

Remember, always make sure you are following the safe sleeping practices.

Here are the most common baby tired signs to keep an eye out for

-rubbing eyes


-red eyes


-pulling at ears

-fluttering eyelids

-jerky arms or legs


-sucking thumb or fingers

How to settle a newborn

Now often a baby is upset or crying when they are tired. After all it is one of their signs and ways of letting you know.
You have to learn how to settle your baby so she can go off to sleep. I don't know anyone who can be upset and crying and go to sleep without settling first.

How to settle baby

1. hold you baby in a comfortable position and gently rock her while talking softly to her.

2. skin on skin contact between you and baby

3. put your baby in her cot and gently pat or rock her while making sure she can feel you close.

4. play some music or white noise while feeding or rocking her.

Understand your baby's sleep cycle

Babies have a very different sleep cycle to adults, with babies sleep cycles usually lasting around 45 minutes and slowly increasing to 90 minutes in adulthood.

Newborn sleep cycle

Give your baby a comforter

You may have seen it before... the baby who has this one toy that they will never let go. 
You can bet that her parents are sleeping well at night.
It is proven that babies who have a comforter at night will fall asleep much easier and sleep for far longer than babies without.

Best ways to get baby to sleep

-Keep the daytime busy and playful, this will wear your baby out, help them develop well and also sleep much better

-Get your baby to a drowsy state then put her down to sleep

-Make sure your baby is dressed comfortably on a nice mattress

-Give it some time. Not all babies are amazing sleepers, although you can help them to become better it may take some time.